Rules & Information

Onsite sign-in will be at the Dachshunds Race Tent. Onsite sign-in starts 1 hour before races (9:00 am). Dachshunds should be signed in at least 30 minutes before their race.

About the Races

Race Descriptions:

  • Puppy – 4 months to 1 year old
  • Adult – 1 year to 9 year old
  • Veteran – 9 year +
There will be a Champion Race for each category to declare winner-depends on number of entries.

Each winner of the championship race will receive a $50 Gift Card

All participants receive a “treat bag”

Race Fee

  • $15.00, which includes entrance fee to Dachtoberfest for 2 handlers

Rules & Regulations

  • Must be a Dachshund
  • All Doxies (purebred or mixed breed) need to be registered. Registration forms can be obtained online or day of race.
  • All owners must sign their registration forms in the provided location or their registration will be void. Refunds will not be given if signatures are not provided.
  • Participants agree to allow video/photos and all media publications of themselves and dogs.
  • All humans are required to sign a consent and waiver releasing event sponsors and volunteers from all liabilities.
  • Dogs names will be called twice before the race, if your dog is not at the gate at the time of the race, you forfeit the race and there will be no refund given.
  • Two humans limit can accompany each contestant; a releaser and a catcher. The releaser puts the dog in the shoot. NO tossing or pushing of dogs . The catcher must stay clearly BEHIND the HUMAN line ten feet behind the finish line.
  • Please be aware of veterinary emergency clinics locations before the day of the race just in case. There may be non-site First Aid. All injury costs are responsibility of participant.
  • A winner is declared when the first dog finishes with all four paws across the finish line. If it is close between 2 dogs, the first nose to cross the finish line wins.
  • All Judges Rulings are final!
  • No selling of dogs or puppies or any other animals or products.
  • ABSOLUTELY no mishandling or physical abuse of dogs will be tolerated.
  • DO NOT leave animals in car. Event staff reserves the right to involve the proper authorities if an animal is deemed at risk.
  • All dogs must be socialize and leashed. NO FEMALES IN HEAT!!
  • All creatures great and small must clean up after themselves-PLEASE bring waste bags.
  • Dogs must wear velcro hanky to participate in race. Owners will receive this upon check in and please return after your heat.

Please Remember...

  • All creatures great and small are welcome to attend the event.
  • Due to the number of dogs racing, the event will take place most of the morning into the early afternoon to conduct. Please understand you may have a wait time between races before your dog participates. Bring a tent and/or chair to relax while awaiting your heat.
  • Please be sure your dog is well-socialized and leashed at all times.
  • The only serious thing about this race is FUN!!!!

History of Dachshund racing

Dachshund racing, or wiener dog racing, is a popular, yet controversial sporting event, primarily found in North America. Typical Dachshund races are either 25 or 50 yards in length, and are run on various surfaces. Many race tracks across America host these events as fundraising or publicity events, and routinely draw the venues' largest attendance numbers of the year. In the less formal events, most entrants are not career racers, nor bred for racing. Often, dogs will choose not to run the length of the course and instead visit with other dogs or the owner that released them. Otherwise, dogs will run swiftly to their owner at the finish line, coaxed by food or toys. The de facto national championship of wiener dog racing is the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals, held in San Diego, California, every December as part of the Holiday Bowl, however there are many other venues that claim title to the true "national" champion. Dachshund racing was first held in Australia in the 1970s. The early meets featured Whippet, Afghan Hound, and Dachshund racing, purely for fun. The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in California holds an annual Doxie Derby as part of the university's Picnic Day event. For over 30 years the races have been a fundraiser for veterinary students. The sport rose in popularity in North America after a 1993 Miller Lite television commercial that listed odd sports, and continued to grow after the release of Wiener Takes All a documentary film that chronicles two years of the Wiener Nationals circuit. in Fort Wayne, Indiana, held its 16th annual Dachshund race. Zeus, the Germanfest champ from 2006-2009, is generally recognized as the greatest racing dachshund of all time.